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Profiles in Scientific Awesomeness: Von Economo

A profile of one of the most epic scientists of the modern era. As a scientist, aviator, doctor, and adventurer, Baron Constantin von Economo fought both wars and mysterious diseases, while also making substantial contributions to neuroscience that still hold true today. Who needs fictional role models when you've got The Baron? Read More

This made my day

This reminds me of the first time I read about Tesla. I had never really heard of him in school (Only Edison… gerrrr) and then in high school I saw a book about him at a local bookstore and was completely thrown off guard by this scientist looking awesome. There he sat on the cover holding his wireless light bulb and surrounded by bolts of electricity and all I could think was, "whoa, badass." Given, Tesla WAS incredibly socially awkward at times, he was also wise and charismatic, handsome and intelligent, fascinating and brave (this girl developed quite a crush). This article reminded me of that excitement I felt when I first discovered that there were badass scientists out there, and now I have an additional badass to add to the list. It’s been a while since I’ve stumbled over something like this. I also explored some of your other articles and found them entertaining, well communicative and enlightening. Thanks for these and keep posting. I loved this article and shared it with my friends who I know can appreciate badass science. :)

Glad you enjoyed. Tesla is a

Glad you enjoyed. Tesla is a fantastic character too. I think The Oatmeal gave him the greatest homage I've ever seen. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/tesla

Total Awesomeness

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. Again, I’ve spammed all of my nerdy friends and reminded them to read your article. This made me smile. Thanks :)

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