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Giving Nutrition Its Due in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

People struggling with bipolar need long-term support that includes a focus on nutrition to help them build momentum toward a healthier lifestyle. Read More

Interesting, when I was 20 I

Interesting, when I was 20 I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I found out 5 years later that what I actually had was Celiac Disease. The gluten had destroyed my body/brain so severely that I was completely malnourished and half psychotic as a result. I think the Psychiatric community would be advised to ALWAYS use strict nutrition as an adjunct to any therapy. Getting people off the standard American diet, and onto a lot of greens, fruits, and healthy fats would do amazing things for their mental health. The brain responds just like the rest of the body when you start feeding it highly nourishing, natural foods.

Use of non-traditional therapy

Oddly, the traditional medical profession has neglected to admit the importance of nutrition and diet in SO many diseases, not just neurological diseases. As a result, they turn firstly to drugs rather than take the necessary time to delve into the patient's eating habits. It's much easier, faster and usually more income producing, for medical doctors today to get basic patient info, then follow their usual status quo of prescribing drugs. I can personally attest to the success of changing eating habits and following a non-traditional approach to medical care (chiropractic/botanical medicine/nutritional healing/acupuncture). If we took away many of the drugs used today by most physicians and told them they HAD to delve into other treatment plans, oh the amazing things we might do!

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