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Bad Mommy: How Prosecuting Pregnant Addicts Misses the Mark

A pregnant addict puts her unborn child at risk, but the trend toward jail sentences will do nothing to solve the problem. Effective long-term treatment, not shame and punishment, is what’s needed. Read More

This will put children's lives in danger, and is stupid legislation.

All it will do is increase dumpster babies, as women try to avoid arrest. Of course nobody cares about that, because society wants to just live under the illusion that they are "doing something" and that is enough. The results don't matter, only the good intentions.

American society's getting stupider because of money in politics putting people with an IQ of a peanut in office. Year after year they get stupider and stupider, and they refuse to think ahead. Or maybe there's something in the water that is making our elected officials so mind-numbingly dumb.

What if she has an abortion?

What happens if a pregnant mother accused of such a crime has an abortion? If she has a miscarriage, it could be argued that she still harmed the baby and should get punished. However, if the termination of pregnancy is intentional and perfectly legal, as strange as that may seem, that harm did not legally happen (or it only happened to a fetus that was legally aborted anyway, so it would be really odd if the woman could be punished regardless).

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David Sack, M.D. is board certified in Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine and serves as CEO of Elements Behavioral Health and Promises Treatment Centers.


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