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What Therapy Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human

Not just dogs and horses are used in animal-assisted therapy. Llamas, cats, birds, dolphins, rabbits, donkeys, even wolves, to name a few, are used to form a connection with those who need help, whether dealing with addictions, depression, schizophrenia, phobias, PTSD, or a host of other issues. Read More

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Written by Saint Gregory Palamas
Greek Orthodox Church

It is something amazing, that the soul of man has substance and energy. Do not get caught with the terminologies. The energy is what we see expressed: feelings and emotions are energies of a substance we cannot not approach. Energy is all these things that express our behavior. Substance and energy.
Saint Gregory Palamas says the soul of animals ( the soul of the animal is their life) is the life of the body. There is -no essence of the soul- , it is only energy. To be Hungry, to jump, to dance, are energies that are displayed through the body while alive, so when the body dissolves the energy dissolves with it. In the Holy Bible we read "the blood of the animal is its soul ."

What therapy animals can teach us about being human?

Animals do have neither the substance (breath of God (Gen:2,7) nor the energy that expresses emotions there for they are emotion less. The only therapy animals can teach us about being humans, is being emotion less but then again this would have been a therapy for those of us who do not have a soul!

Trasladed by Constantinos J.W

Equine Assisted Therapies

We run a small equine therapy business in Leicestershire, I have never found anything so powerful that will move you to tears when a herd of horses bring so much to a session to help people with a range of mental health issues.
I feel my self extremely lucky to be involved in such a fantastic type of therapy, it would be nice if governing bodies such as NHS would recognise it and to a degree get involved.
Maybe people wouldn't wait for so long before having access to talking therapies in a clinical back ground.
The clients that have received Equine Assisted psychotherapy and learning said they would recommend to anyone suffering in silence.

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