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What Is Healthy Distraction?

Mental distraction is a technique that has been used effectively for a number of physical and mental health issues. Though seemingly simple, choosing to distract yourself from a craving or painful emotion is actually far more complex than the automatic response of drug use. Read More

Distraction versus Acceptation .. or is it?

Nice writing!

Personally I like to present distraction ("Afleiding" in Dutch) in the 3 A's of a Dutch "coping-with- Craving ABCD under the 'D' of Things to Do. And not one of the 3 main A's (where you often have to do 2 out of 3).

But I rank it below Acceptation (the 3rd of the 3 A's in "to Do"). Nothing wrong with (temporary!) distraction if it's seen in the department of Acceptation.

But as a addiction coach I often find people who are using it as an Alternative behavior (the 2nd of the 3 A's). And if seen there it tends te be a snake biting its own tail. Trying to long-term distract yourself from the feeling of craving (or the feelings underneath) keeps one busy until one is so tired that one collapses 'asleep' or succumbs to the urge because one has nothing left to inhibit with anymore (PFC). And is something completely different from trying to distract yourself from the task of acceptation for a while.

Being aware of the limitations of your own pre-frontal awareness-system is perhaps the higher form of awareness ;-) and therefore very much in line with Mindful Acceptance indeed.

Keep up the good work
(of talking about addiction and feelings in a nuanced way) ;-)

Controleer je Verslaving (.nl)

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