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How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

Each person processes alcohol differently due to a wide range of factors—such as gender, weight, food intake, your tolerance, age, mood, and other medications you are taking. Read More

Brothers addiction

My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has given himself alcohol poisoning and almost died in my lap. I'm trying to learn how to help him get rid of the alcohol addiction because I hope to become a psychiatrist someday. I want to study addiction, as well as other topics. Such as depression, happiness, law and crime, relationships, and therapy. I cant afford to college so I'm trying to learn online by myself by facts I can gather. He refuses to get help. But I'm hoping by me being his sister, I can do something to change that. Any advice or websites that I can get that will help me get more information on what I need to do would be greatly appreciated.. thank you..

That is a lot of variable.

That is a lot of variable. Trying to figure this out without alcohol to confuse you is difficult. How could you make a good decision if you already have a few drinks in you. If 2 drinks will get the average woman over a 0.08 than even half a beer would mess with her thinking. Even if you stop drinking if you have had a big meal your BAC could continue to climb for up to 6 hours.

It sounds to me like if you have had more than 1 beer for a woman or 2 beers for an average man you are in danger and should not drive because while you may legally be able to drive your head is just not thinking properly.

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