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Preventing Relapse Among Addicted Youth

With a chronic, progressive disease like addiction, a successful recovery for young people necessarily mean a perfect recovery. It means equipping people with the tools they need to reach out and get help if they fall into old habits. Read More

A lie

ADHD does not cause drug addiction.
But ADHD with serious Depression and ADHD with serious Bipolarity does.

Try not to make that rookie mistake again.

Does Autism cause people to take drugs too?

I am not attacking you Dr.,

I am not attacking you Dr., but your type of thinking, and the other doctors around the country who think this way are a reason why these drug addicts keep relapsing. I was on oxycontin for 3 years. I went to a rehab who kept telling me I had a disease and I will relapse and die if I did not go to NA. They would constantly call me before I went into treatment because they found out what kind of insurance I had. So I finally went into treatment. They prescribed me suboxone which I stayed on for a year and then got off of with no problems. While at the clinic they never got to the root of my problems. I would sometimes think to myself, "well I have a disease I might as well relapse". But I never did I went to a therapist and became honest with myself and vowed to never abuse opiates again. I have been clean for four years. My point is this way of thinking only degrades people who do not want to follow 12 steps. How can something be a disease if it is a choice. It is a pattern of behavior. Suboxone can help. It helped for me. I never craved it once I got off of it. Maybe oxys once in a while, but I am so glad to be off that stuff. There are different ways to recovery, and my opinion is the disease model does more harm than good. How do you tell these young adolescents they have a disease when you do not know for sure?

Not here, please

Al-anon's Third Tradition states, "The only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of ALCOHOLISM in a relative or friend." Al-anon is being diluted, overrun, and harmed by treatment centers and therapists' referrals of parents of drug addicts to our meetings. Please send them to Naranon instead. If there are no Naranon meetings in your area, start one. Your issues have some similarities but are mostly different from the problems of relatives of alcoholics, and your usurping our program isn't the solution. Just as drug addicts have destroyed AA in many communities, their relatives are now inflicting themselves on Al-anon and taking away from the Al-anon focus.

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