When Food Is Family

Key ingredients in the eating disorder mix

Sexual Satisfaction and Eating Disorders

Many patients with eating disorders struggle with sexual intimacy and satisfaction. The literature tends to report on the physiological, biological and sometimes psychological states regarding sexual disinterest and inhibition. Understanding how women with eating disorders feel about sex, their bodies and intimacy is important. Read More

The Point Of No Return?

If people have food abuse problems for years, they
could ruin their bodies and be poor candidates for sex.
Internal damage and neglect can cause odor problems
and unpalitablity. For the sake of sex, they'd better
get help.

No mention of the fact that

No mention of the fact that many girls and women develop eating disorders in the first place as a result of sexual abuse, assault or rape. That would certainly have a lot to do with it.

Yes. Thank you. I re read it

Yes. Thank you. I re read it and in my edit of the post the sentences on sexual abuse were deted. Issue with formatting on blog site removes paragraphs so I have to edit the formatting. I inadvertently removed some wording.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Judy Scheel.

Dr. Scheel I don't know if

Dr. Scheel

I don't know if you are aware what is going on in your office at Cedar Associates. During this past week I have left several messages on this general voice mailbox that you have inquiring about services and I have not received any calls back. As a person suffering from an eating disorder, it take a great deal of courage to finally reach out for help - and then to be shut down like that in the form of calls not being returned regardless of how many messages I left. I don't know. I no longer want to attend your program. It appears that your staff lacks compassion.

My sincere apology. I do not

My sincere apology. I do not know what occurred. Sometimes, it can take a day or two, as is usual for most treatment centers. I shall contact the therapist who handles all the initial phone calls. Here is my office email address below. Please email me your name and number and I shall make sure you are called on Monday or call you myself to help or at least hear your words.

Judy Scheel


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Judy Scheel, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., author of When Food Is Family, is the Founder and Executive Director of Cedar Associates Foundation.


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