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Thank you so much

If you are to read through the comment sections on PT you will find a trend. What I am talking about is the favorite word that is used by female posters in the comments. That word is probably the most misused and misunderstood word in the comments. You will find it in most of the relationship post. The word is "INSECURE" and it is generally used as projection by a female that has anger issues with men.

Any man that is able to express any type of venerability in an attempt to get his emotional needs met or at least express what his emotional needs are or might be is met with disdain and hatred by some of these women. They throw around the word INSECURE in an attempt at one up man ship. The childish use of the word INSECURE on this website is INSECURE in and of itself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man that is able to say that he is capable of having his feelings hurt or that he has emotional needs.

Men are people too and we need to be heard. It is really sad that feminism 2.0 is nothing more than patriarchy run by women. Matriarchy is more like it.

Most women on PT are very intelligent and don't ever come across in that manner. Most women on here are very respectful and I personally appreciate anything I can learn from them.

The childish ones throwing around the word INSECURE as projection know who they are. Well let me just say that they know that they throw around that word but they probably will never know who they truly are.

I suspect they will go to their graves without ever growing up.

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