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Healing Wounds

Does the media enable society to heal emotional wounds?

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I recently had a discussion with an associate about the Baby Boomer generation and ramifications of the Vietnam War. I started to reflect on the influence of the media on our collective nation's emotional psyche to ‘heal' or refocus the multifaceted wounds perpetuated by that conflict.

The reflection reminded me that the tumultuous social change years of war, racism, and riots have implications that touch our current lives. Today we confront images about current world conflicts, from human rights, corporate ethics, to international struggles. The generation of Boomers, X'ers, and Millenniums each have their own perspectives on these events.

The media is designed to bring attention to relevant conflict, dissention, and social wounds but also can allow for resolution. My question: Does the media enable our society to heal the emotional wounds and move forward or rather inhibit our social consciousness?


Jeanne Christie, Ed.D., Ph.D., is an adjunct professor in communications at Western CT State University and at Manhattanville College.


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