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Millennial Media Consumers

Who has time to sit and read a newspaper? Not the millennial.

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Although the millennial generation is said to be self-absorbed, they are in reality the most technologically savvy generation. Quantity of news such as investigative or watchdog reporting consumes their time – never mind the quality of the news.

The millennial doesn’t have time to sit and read a newspaper. Rather, she downloads content and heads for the bottom line. In the rush she inevitably misses details but is compensated by the volume of information. The millennial wants media to be fast and constantly changing to meet her evolving needs, desires, and perceptions. 

This terse approach is akin to coming upon a crime scene. He sees the end results but has limited information about happened; he wouldn’t even know if the crime was part of another action. The questions then become: How significant are the errors? And is the digital press, or even the traditional media, in danger of quality control?



Jeanne Christie, Ed.D., Ph.D., is an adjunct professor in communications at Western CT State University and at Manhattanville College.


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