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How to Overcome Barriers to Forgiveness

It's hard to let go of the suffering caused by someone else’s wrongdoing. What barriers stand in the way of forgiveness—and how can we overcome them? Read More


Forgiveness is key to releasing things that you are holding in your subconscious... There is a powerful Hawaiian song, Ho' Oponopono that helps to release and forgive. This article about forgiveness really touched my heart...http://www.thefix.com/content/forgiveness

In some cases I don't think

In some cases I don't think it's necessary or even healthy to forgive someone in order to move on with your life. I recall a woman whose 9 year old daughter was abducted, raped and murdered who said she will never forgive the man who committed those crimes. However she has found a way to move on, starting a foundation in her daughter's name to help other victims of crime. I think this is a perfectly reasonable and perhaps more healthy stance than being expected to forgive someone who has committed something that's unforgivable. I think a better word is 'acceptance'. You can accept and move on from something without having to forgive the person or the actions of someone who has harmed you.


There has been someone in my life that I haven't been able to forgive for over a year. While reading this article I only thought of this person. Thank you for helping me start building a strong foundation in forgiveness; I have held onto this for way too long.

wanted to like this but you

wanted to like this but you lost me at the point that you equated a persons tendency to overspend with someone else having a sexual affair. the male in this scenario was obviously attempting to rationalize and justify his errant penis placement choices by pretending that he had been horribly betrayed too ... by her overstepping the budget. if you don't see that those are different quanta of betrayal, then i'm not inerested in anything else you have to say.

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Samantha Smithstein, Psy.D., is a clinical and forensic psychologist and co-founder of the Pathways Institute for Impulse Control in San Francisco.


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