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Talk About Your Strengths! It is Not Immodest (Part 1)

As I ask people around the world to talk about their character strengths, it is not uncommon for me to hear people comment—“I can’t talk about my strengths. That would be immodest.” Another common response is—“we don’t do that in our culture.” These statements, while not completely untrue, are usually avoidance tactics. Read More

Talk About Strengths! It's Not Immodest (Part 1)

If you are a female, you can forget about talking about your strengths. You will get ripped apart, from females and males. They will want to challage every aspect of you, just to show you , you're not all that. Who does she think she is? Never mind her morals or how knowledgeable, professional she is, but look at her face, clothes, body parts.....yuck! Who does she think she is? Some people will take a strength of a female and use it against her. When will we ever learn?

Comfortable with your own power

Not only am I brilliant, i am modest with it.

Thanks for these comments. No

Thanks for these comments.

No doubt your experience, Anonymous, is true for some women, but absolutely not all...and, my hope is that is becoming more of the exception than the rule.

I've observed many women who are comfortable sharing their strengths and the result is greater appreciation, connection, and admiration of them for it.

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