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And one percent Neanderthal

The Neanderthal or the Tiger

So Neanderthals probably ate significant amounts of plants. Why did anyone ever think otherwise? Read More

The paleo diet includes

The paleo diet includes plants, do your research please. I don't think its anything special mind you, but come on, this just makes you look silly.

Thanks for your comment but that is not the point of my blog post

In fact, the point of my blog post is about the more general question: why do people try so hard to make our close evolutionary cousins seem more distinct from us than the evidence actually shows? This includes over-emphasis on those aspects of scholarship that documented consumption of animal protein-- scholarship that has always been understood by specialists as partial, due to the difficulty (until new methods started to be employed to identify micro-residues) of documenting plant consumption.

As is evident by a review of the news coverage, one of the main reactions to the latest article has been to see it as "disproving" the Palaeo diet. You may be irritated that I characterize it as a modern invention. But that is irrefutable: what we know about ancient diet and the human adaptation does not justify any modern diet that emphasizes meat and reduces carbohydrate consumption based on a claim that this was the natural human diet.

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