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We are a Nation on Hold

Everyone has had the experience of endless waiting on the phone for help of some kind. Although affecting people in slightly different ways, the universal reaction is helplessness which leads to depression or rage. This reaction mirrors and reinforces other areas of our lives where we are powerless. For extreme conservatives, such feelings get displaced onto government. Read More

Try email ...

I've no such problems ... such interactions are many to one, me being one of many ... I just have to wait my turn. Wait endlessly on a telephone ... ??? ... I don't think so ... most, maybe even all, services that I use, offer an email interface for complaints, requests. Sure I have to wait for a response, but no worries, depression, rage (lol) ... they get back to me ... I really like the online chat interface some businesses now offer. So, as to "being on hold", no worries ... gives to time to "forget about it", and go do other things ...

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Michael Bader, D.M.H.,  is a psychologist and psychoanalyst in San Francisco. He is the author of Male Sexuality: Why Women Don't Understand It—and Men Don't Either.


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