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A Woman Of 76 Walks Down The Street

The invisible generation and what it feels like as a member. Read More


Thank you...
BTW, equally true for 76 year old men..


Thank you for writing. I am sure it is as true for a man as it is for me. I just tend to stick with what I know from personal experience than 'assume' something about others.

So touching

This is so poignant and so incredibly touching. Kudos to you for writing such a beautiful piece relevant to so many.

So touching

Thank you for your kind comments. I greatly appreciate them.

So beautiful, So true

and at age 66 I am a Sophomore in college!

So, beautiful, So true



Fabulous and lovely, because no matter what the age, a true smile always brings joy to the giver and receiver. :-)


And, my feeling is that you give a lot of them.
Thank you for your sweet words.

A Woman of 76 is my role model...

For how to age with a fierce passion for life, for art and creativity, for love...

And I am continuously to have such a role model...

A Woman of 76 is my role model

For dear Paula,
With gratitude for your beautiful words and support.
It means the world to me.

Sheila - what a beautiful and

Sheila - what a beautiful and touching piece of writing. I will indeed be sure to acknowledge these people, these women who appear "invisible" but who really are all of our future selves. Beaming this light of recognition on our own lives is a beautiful call to wake to our responsibilities as enlightened beings. It aint over 'til that fat lady does her thing!!!!

A Woman of 76

Dear Charmian,
Thank you so very much for writing. Your kind words and gentle understanding of what I wrote mean so much to me. When the 'fat lady' gets ready for her high note...we all should feel like we've done the very best we can for ourselves and others.
Warmest regards,

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Sheila Weinstein, writer and pianist, reinvented her life after the death of her husband of 50 years, which led to her book, Moving to the Center of the Bed.


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