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Who Says Good Sex Is—or Should Be—Easy?

I find so many misleading, mind-over-body assumptions in the New York Times Sunday Magazine article, “Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?” that I cannot not respond and hardly know where to begin! Read More

About your partner

Why do you always refer to your "partner" or "life partner"?

Are you trying to hide the fact that you live with a male? A male you're actually married to? One you married in an actual church?

Why not just say "my husband"? Or do you think that would be sexist and non-inclusive, and that it's best to imply you might be a lesbian?

Except no

She uses the word partner to refer to relationships others might have, not hers specifically. Even if we assume everyone is heterosexual, using the word husband wouldn't make sense for a man reading this article.

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Kimerer L. LaMothe, Ph.D., has taught at Brown and Harvard universities. She is the author of What a Body Knows: Finding Wisdom in Desire and Family Planting.


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