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The Art of ADHD

It’s all too easy to make a rapid diagnosis of ADHD and then swiftly fork over a prescription, but this is a quick-fix solution that doesn’t do a child justice. Read More

ADHD and Giftedness

Sometimes intellectual giftedness is misdiagnosed as ADHD as well. SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) has just published a brochure for pediatricians to bring awareness to physicians in their practice: http://www.sengifted.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SENG-Misdiagnosis-in...

too much sugar

My child's kindergarten teacher called one evening suggesting my son should see a doctor because he was literally trying to climb the wall that day. I asked him what he ate for lunch, knowing his breakfast consisted of sugary oatmeal. All he ate for lunch was the candy bar I put along with a sandwich. I took him off sweets and gave him an egg and toast for breakfast and no candy for lunch. He was 'student of the month' the next month. I knew my child wasn't ADD or ADHD, and I didn't need a doctor diagnosing him as such. Parents need to take control first by restricting sugar and get the child on a healthy eating regimen. It's that simple.

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Nancy Rappaport is associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.


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