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Why Didn't He Call?

An interview on how to avoid common dating mistakes featuring Jessie Kay, a Los Angeles-based matchmaker and founder of Read More

This is my advice.. Go with

This is my advice.. Go with the flow. It's not healthy to obsess. (man or woman) Keep it smooth.

Why didn't he call?

...maybe the answer is the simple "he just isn't into you".

Let it go, move on.


really good psychological insights on relationships. Hope to read more.

This gets to me too

I think its because of the current "hook up" culture we are in now thats why most often its all about hooking up and such,

I have experience the same thing just 2 weeks ago. I met a guy via "tinder" (I know! A hookup application) what was I expecting. However, we have met and really hit it off. We had this connection and it was like 1 week of dating. I was in cloud 9. Finally a guy who I really like.

However he was leaving for holidays for 6 weeks. We have exchange contact information and well we said to keep in touch. I have maintaned my distance and not send him message immediately as I just want him to settle in and enjoy his holidays. After over a week I sent him a hello message to check on how the holidays are going and it has been a week since I sent the message and still no reply.

Im just "okaaay". what is up with that. I am lost. :/

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