Are Dog People More Prejudiced Than Cat People?

A new study finds that self-identified dog people are higher in social dominance orientation than cat people, a trait associated with prejudice. However, this seems puzzling as previous research found that dog people are also more agreeable and conscientious. Further research is needed to determine dog people really are more prejudiced than cat people and if so, why. Read More

I'm a cat person. I've

I'm a cat person. I've never really liked dogs.

I guess I see cats as independent and self sufficient. They are with you because they want to be, their affection is more sincere. Throw a cat out in the wild and it will survive -- they don't need us.

Also, I've seen bravely cats face up to larger animals (and even people), thus dispelling the idea of the "fraidy cat".

Although dogs can also be loyal and brave, I have found them to also be sycophantic, bullies and at times cowardly. They are pack hunters, whereas cats hunt alone. Most Dogs can't survive alone.

I don't like people who happily fit into a social pecking order and that's how I see dogs. I despise sycophants and group thinkers.

I like people who are independent and genuine, cats reflect that.

My oh my----how you have simplified the Political scene for me!!!

My comment all in fun. Sill thinking if all were that easy to judge our Nations Seeking to be Leaders, well, how wonderful it could be!! I could understand politics. People I do not get. Animals of most kinds I do.
Thank you for the article