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I Just Don’t Like You

Learning about behavior can turn subjective approaches to more objective ones, giving us more options of how to interact with, and understand, others. Read More

I Agree!

Yes, I agree that learning about different behavior styles is important for us to improve our behavior. When we analyze other behaviors, we try to also understand the underlying reasons for the same. This helps us to conclude that it is actually the perspective or vision that is narrower than what the reality is. Therefore, there is also a need to wider our vision for better understanding of different behaviors as well as for improving one's own.

In this context, I found a very interesting key to maintain a broad vision:


Thank you! Your insights are great!

Your comment is right on -- the "why" is often looked at as Values or Motivators. When we don't align there, we think others are wrong. Thank you for your insights.

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Beverly D. Flaxington teaches at Suffolk University.


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