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Why Do People Engage in Extreme Rituals?

It is pledge season at fraternities and sororities all over the US. New initiates into these groups spend a chunk of their first semester engaging in all kinds of activities from the mundane (wearing an article of clothing to distinguish them from other members of the group) to the extreme. Occasionally, stories of hazing rituals make the news when a student is injured. Read More

What an amazing research,

What an amazing research, both in terms of methods and findings! One most often thinks of psychologists at lab nerds, but this one is rather Indiana Jones-like!

its not a taboo... i am

its not a taboo... i am hindu, the picture is nit true, in Hindu religion people do not suppose to hurt themselves ,but people do it for fame, hindu is very calm religion people live with a deep faith.

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Art Markman, Ph.D., is a cognitive scientist at the University of Texas whose research spans a range of topics in the way people think.


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