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4 Steps to Develop Authentic Leadership

When it comes to leadership, today its less about finding solutions and more about creating new patterns. It’s less about redistribution of skills and more about fostering creative processes. It’s less about competition and more about collaboration. The 4E Leadership presents a framework to develop the qualities of authentic and transformational leadership. Read More


Nothing wrong with the content of this article but people don't develop leadership through a conceptual framework, words rarely transform people.

Ideas and concepts are a dime a dozen. Most leaders already know what they should be doing but they don't. Why Not.

Words are cheap but to embody what we preach is extremely hard. It is less about a "model" and more about what we exude from inside. That's my take.

Leading by example

You are right in highlighting that not concepts by the embodiment of principles, values and of a vision is what gives authenticity to leaders. We also often mistake leadership for an executive position. Leadership is much more than that. To be authentic and credible - as research increasingly shows - leadership development needs to go hand in hand with adult development. This is why the first E of the framework I suggest stays for Explore. A framework can be useful to guide someone to a development process that helps him to be a more evolved human being and a better leader. As almost everything in life, we can learn through a process, and that's just the purpose of the framework I suggest; to be a learning tool. But then an individual will have to work on himself or herself. That's definitely the most important part, one that cannot be skipped.

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Aldo Civico, Ph.D., is an anthropologist and a conflict resolution expert. He is an anthropology professor at Rutgers University and the founder of The International Institute for Peace.

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