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Has "Girls" Cured OCD?

In HBO’s Girls, I believe Lena Dunham has come closer than anyone in popular culture to showing the pain and black comedy of long-term OCD treatment. But if the show wants to honor the character’s disorder, then I think she and her family (and Adam, too, if he’s committed to this relationship) have a lot of work to do. Read More

I tjust goes to show

There are far more people writing blog posts about "Girls" than there are actually watching it.

Great post!

My college son just started suffering OCD (of a religious/ moral obsession type) so we are new to OCD... and my husband keeps saying all he needs is a girlfriend! Lets try to find him a girlfriend that will solve everything! I almost bought into what he was saying… but I guess I have a longer road ahead of me. ugh.

I keep watching girls but don't know if I like it or not… Its bizarre yet I keep watching. Anyway thanks for this post.

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