Tracking Wonder

How to cultivate this elusive emotion

Fertilize Confusion to Thrive During Creative & Life Challenges

Many people flinch at uncertainty, bristle at not-knowing, flee from confusion. But confusion can be converted into creative innovation and personal break-through.

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The opposite of a rut

Loved the article. Being in the creative business (expert sourcing, marketing ideas), and having a disruptive business model, I can relate. In fact, I think the very-different model feeds exactly what you're talking about. My Experts are not 100% comfortable with the virtual model and I honestly believe it helps with their creativity. It's so different that it may just create what you're calling, "fertile confusion." Love that phrase. And never thought of it that way.

Will Burns
Founder, Ideasicle

The very-Different Model

Hi, Will,
Ideasickle's Expert Sourcing idea-generating strategy sounds smart and exciting. I understand what you're saying: Experts become experts in part by becoming intimately familiar with how to operate in their field and with its conventional wisdom & processes. Disrupt that familiarity in a key way - like by asking them to use a virtual platform - and you create just enough uncertainty and confusion to bring out unexpected and fresh results that not even the experts knew they had in them.

Bravo, Will,

George Sand, not George Eliot

Amandine Dupin (aka George Sand) was Chopin's lover, not George Eliot.



Argh. Sloppy on my part. The correction is duly noted and already made.

Many thanks!


Nondual Paradox

I've just been thinking about how much juice I get from paradox, and just last night addressed an aspect of that in my blog. My wife remarked upon the confusion that was there, and I said, No, it's not confusion, it's nondual paradox -- the simultaneous holding of opposites. But Dali's quote gets at it very well, as does your term "fertile confusion," so I'm opening my mind to other words to describe it. Whatever it's called, I love that state of inner contradictions, and am learning to dwell there longer and longer, and milk it for the inspiration it brings me. Jeff, I like how you and I are often on similar wavelengths.


Brent: Apologies for the late response here. Paradox cuts to the core of who we are - a ball of creative contradictions. Wasn't it Whitman who said something such as, "You say I contradict myself. Very well, then, I am wide and large and full of contradictions." Something like that.


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