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10 Tips to Stick to Your Diet

I was recently asked for 10 tips for sticking to your diet. I quickly made the following list but I didn’t necessarily include the 10 most important tips, especially because each dieter is different. Which tips (on or off the list) have been most important to you? Read More

Well. I CAN eat anything I

Well. I CAN eat anything I want Anytime I want, and I cant seem to grow even the slightest bulge in my tummy. It's realli a nightmare.

These are terrible tips.

These are terrible tips. You're encouraging people to starve themselves, which sets them up for the binge/starve cycle. Also, deprivation leads to overeating, which leads to weight gain. And guess what? You CAN eat what you want, but in moderation.

Rather than focusing on acclimating oneself to hunger, rather than manipulating your body in a way that is not sustainable, why not learn to get back in touch with your body's natural hunger signals? Believe it or not, your body knows what it needs. It's working on the emotional connection to food that takes time. Once you learn to trust your body, and once your body learns to trust you, you will hit your natural weight. No, you may not be a size 0. Guess what...most people aren't meant to be. Focus on health, on redefining your relationship with your body and with food. Stop trying to force your body to fit some ridiculous ideal...aside from being mentally destructive, IT DOESN'T WORK. The more obsessed you are, the more you deprive yourself, the less likely you are to maintain a healthy weight.

Food is to be enjoyed. The dieting cycle is toxic. We diet in this country, and spend money on diet products, more than in any other, and look how well it's working.

I used to be obese and lost 80 pounds to reach the healthy, natural weight I'm at now. After struggling with binge eating, chronic dieting and eventually bulimia severe enough that I required hospitalization and inpatient treatment, I have learned to trust my body. And now the weight maintains itself while I enjoy eating what I want, in moderation, without doing ridiculous things like trying to get comfortable with being hungry. That's no way to live.

Oh man, this post made me angry. So irresponsible, and SO ineffective for most people.

Don't see the problem

I absolutely agree that one doesn't need to starve themselves to lose weight. The article doesn't seem to mention anything about starving oneself though, rather just acclimating oneself to being ok with feeling hungry at times.

Periods of not eating (fasting) can not only be safe, but very effective for health and longevity. It's only when this goes on for prolonged periods of time and taken to an extreme that there are problems. Missing a meal here and there isn't an issue and can give the digestive system a much needed break.

Being someone that strongly encourages *moderate* fasting at times for overall health and weight loss, it would be natural that one would learn to cope with hunger and see it's not the end of the world. At the same time, one should *not* be in a chronic state of hunger or deprivation. It's more important to get plenty of quality nutrients than to create deficiencies through lack of food.

On another note, studies of some of the longest lived people in the world all show a trend that they tend to eat far less foods on average than other populations. A thought to keep in mind.

Here's the wiki on the

Here's the wiki on the concept of intuitive eating, if anyone's interested in a non-destructive way to maintain a healthy weight without making yourself miserable or insane:

There's also a great book called "Intuitive Eating" that I recommend to anyone who struggles with food or body image and wants to learn more about the idea of (gasp!) learning to listen to your body rather than trying to beat it into submission. It really changed my life and made me incredibly angry (as you might have noticed) about the toxic societal eating disorder in this country. The more we obsess about food, the more we idealize an unattainable image, and the more we hate ourselves, the fatter we're getting as a country. Shouldn't that tell us something?

I apologize if my rant here is overboard, but I think it's really important to stop encouraging people to obsess about every morsel they eat.

Another life-changing book for me was Appetites by Caroline Knapp. If anyone is interested in the societal attitudes that lead women to be ashamed of their various hungers, and to either deny themselves completely or overindulge, it's an eye-opening book.

Sorry, one more thing and

Sorry, one more thing and then I'll go away...I should have clarified that I'm referring only to some of the tips as "terrible."

4 - Weighing yourself every day is a great way to get obsessed with a number that will fluctuate naturally. If you eat healthily one day yet have gone up a pound because of pre-period bloat or a full bladder or other normal fluctuations, you're going to get discouraged. I've never heard a nutritionist recommend weighing more than once a week, which helps you get a realistiv view of trends rather than tying your "success" to a number that WILL change from day-to-day.

And then 6, 7, and 8 for the reasons I stated in my first post.

OK, shutting up now.

Agree with rants

Weighing myself everyday was something I only ever did when I was suffering from severe bulemia. It's the most destructive thing anyone can do when trying to change their eating habits and seeing it written here as a RECOMENDATION by someone claiming to know what they're talking about has made me so angry I am thining of applying to have this article removed.

Disgusting, harmful 'tips'.

Am I supposed to have a long

Am I supposed to have a long list of reasons to lose weight? I only have one though. To be healthier.

Dreadful advise

I am so glad I have a mind of my own! Vulnerable people reading this could well find themselves with an eating disorder. This is shocking advise about losing weight. Try Slimming World, where eating healthy free food and plenty of it, is encouraged. No one should ignore hunger pangs to lose weight. I think this article should be taken down before it does real damage to someone. I'm not affiliated in any way with Slimming World, just a once over weight person who lost weight HEALTHILY by eating loads and loads of healthy fruit, vegetables, lean meat and poultry, pasta etc. Cutting out the fatty foods and eating healthily makes you lose weight and not starving yourself which will encourage your body to hold on to the fat as it thinks it's in starvation mode hence weight loss will slow down. I'm so glad I have nothing to do with this "Doctor"

This has been the worst

This has been the worst advice I have ever been given. It's contradictory and pointless..... worthless information

Here is a MUCH better list of

Here is a MUCH better list of ways to stick to a diet. I'm not affiliated with them at all, but found this after I read the list on this page and decided I needed to find a much better list to go by.

dangerous tips!

Following these tips will put you on the only way train to anorexia. I know because these tips, such as obsessive weighing and ignoring hunger signals, are the very things I did some time ago which led me to become extremely emaciated. If the author could add a few other tips, like focusing on healthful eating rather than low calorie content, this article would at least be more legit.

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