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Weighing in on “Weighing In”

It’s a common question, with an answer that has shifted over time: “How often should I weigh myself?” Read More

My weight

To be honest, I've been afraid to weight myself. The last time I stepped on the scale, a card came out that said "One at a time!"

I mean, I have a big appetite. I eat at McDonald's, then go outside and watch the sign change."

When I get my shoes shined, I have to take the guy's word for it.

Weight Checking

One should be able to maintain a balance in checking their own weight, this habit would motivate them as well as act as alerm whenever required.

Daily weigh

I tend to eat pretty much the same every day. If I change my foods or portion sizes I notice the same immediately the next morning as I have a scale that measures in 0.2 pound increments. I can even tell the difference from eating a large serving of caramel corn vs. plain popcorn when weighing myself the following morning. I believe such immediate feedback is important in maintaining my weight. If I weigh my self after, rather than before my morning cup of coffee the difference is 6/10 of a pound so I factor that in. With such a routine I can't fool myself in believing that an extra cookie or so will not make a difference. I still have occasional binges but I'm fully aware of how I'll need to compensate. If I don't do this I can easily gain ten pounds before my clothes make me aware of it. It may sound fanatical but I feel and look great for my age of 75 as I weight the same as when I ran cross country in high school.

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Terese Weinstein Katz, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, eating disorder specialist and diet coach. Her website offers tools for lifelong freedom from weight issues.


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