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-?- Conflict -?-

Is there a conflict of interest when the -Psychologist- is homosexual and he is advising somebody with gender issues???

Psychologist Conflict of Interest / Bias

The simple answer is 'no' unless the therapist in some way benefits personally or professionally from the outcome of that individual's therapy.

I think you might be asking about the possibility of 'bias' rather than conflict of interest. In which case the answer is possibly. However:

There is exactly the same kind of possibility of bias in situations where heterosexuals are advising or counselling someone with gender issues. Or:

When Christians advise / counsel someone with gender issues.
When black people advise / counsel someone with gender issues.
When women advise / counsel someone with gender issues.
Or when anyone advises / counsels someone with gender issues.

Whatever views about gender that a psychologist brings to the situation as a person will affect his or her viewpoint professionally. (They really don't like to think that's the case --- but it is).

I'm wondering what kind of viewpoint you think a gay or lesbian person might have about gender issues that could be a problem?



I don't think I could have answered this question any better if I tried.



......Enjoyable recent postings.

You're back on the ''cool'' list.

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