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Back From the Brink

When you open the cover of this book you first see a copy of a handwritten suicide note, penned by the author. The PS reads “I just can’t be a burden any longer.” Read More

as Kathy responded I am in

as Kathy responded I am in shock that someone can profit $4120 in 4 weeks on the computer . this website

empty post?

this blog post turns up empty... can you double check that this was published correctly?


I am checking on this! I can't see any text either. Yet many people still go to the article and you are the first to let me know. thank you, drlloyd

bad link here ... no article

bad link here ... no article

Back From The Brink blog

The text is now working - on the Psychology Today website or directly to the article. thanks for the head's up! drlloyd

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Lloyd Sederer, M.D., is medical director of the New York State Office of Mental Health.


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