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House of Cards: A Series Review

The second season of House of Cards has just been released. Not a weekly ration but the entire season up for continuous viewing on our varied wireless and cable devices—the only limits being the viewer's appetite for this dark, fatalistic (but bloodless) tale of power as well as any human need for sleep or to satisfy other natural functions. Read More

Virtue in HOC

As a fellow House of Cards viewer, I really enjoyed your write-up on the show! I just want to add that I do think the show has virtue. The virtue, as I see it, is in the show's fantastic portrayal of the human condition of power as a prime motivator. While I can not relate to this personally, I can see, through Spacey's acting, and the show's writing, how power and sociopathy are intimately linked, and how, for some, power is the holy grail of existence... As someone who is endlessly fascinated by human behavior, the virtue for me is in its lesson about corruption, greed, and the power-mongering that exists in politics.

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