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Potentially Helpful Technique For Anxiety Producing Thoughts

Repeating an anxiety provoking thought out loud several times again and again, while distracting oneself might be a good way to overcome the power that thought has to evoke fear and avoidance. Read More

Seem to be waaayyyy over thinking

I read this article and after doing so I find Gregg seems to way over think these two people. I am a Hypnotherapist and have dealt with clients who have some of the same challenges. What he describes about these two people is nothing more than common triggers and anchors, which we all have about something in our lives. Triggers and Anchors can be of course to one extreme to the other positive and negative. T and A can be modified very quickly by a skilled Hypnotist, usually in as a few 1-3 sessions and no more than 8-10 sessions so long as the T and A are in fact the issue.

I'm just saying.


A helpful description of the intervention, I'd like to give it a try!


In the trenches

What would be better than the patient repeat positive phrases instead of ruminating obsessions programmed for failure?
What would be interesting would be to know that you were useful methods for people with social phobia in a social gathering. (my problem) Streamline, relax and try to have courage I have gotten rid of the sensation of breathlessness and the tingling and dizziness caused by almost unconscious (if; unconscious) sense of loss of emotional control.
I get the impression that only one drug, herbal or chemical could achieve a level of control. Maybe should I have a thyroid test (I suspect might be the cause) Maybe that's why I stick sad movies harder than others. Maybe I should take anesthetics as paracetamol, as Winona Rider (the kleptomaniac actress)

But How?

This is extremely interesting. It just makes me wonder how repeating something over and over that causes you anxiety would in turn not make anxious. The more I think about something, the more anxiety I usually have about the specific thing. Very interesting study though.

Exposure and Habituation

Thanks for your comment. Here is the basic idea. You have a thought that has anxiety producing content, say the thought "I am a failure." That is like a stimulus, not unlike someone who has a fear of a dog or a spider. One of the things this exercises tries to get at is exposing the person to the thought without them engaging in avoidance or experiencing the negative consequence. Saying it a couple of times DOES result in anxiety. But as you say it over and over you habituate to the thought and it dawns on your emotional system that the thought itself it not threatening. To get to this, you have to say it over and over and over again (50-100 times).

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Gregg Henriques, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at James Madison University.


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