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Psychological Nudity and the Experience of Psychosis

The experience of seeming "others" within the mind of the schizophrenic creates a subjective, if illusory, onslaught of psychological nudity that is emotionally abrading to the individual enduring it. This discussion attempts to elucidate the nature of this experience to both the psychotic and the non-psychotic. Read More

Psychological nudity

I was once psychotic. You describe the experience with great insight and clarity. From experience, I can state that this was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had just enough mental health to pass and just enough illness to make life a challenge. I was able to function normally, going to school, getting a job, and working for myself. But it was difficult to live in both worlds simultaneously.

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Ann Olson is a doctor of psychology, a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.


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