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More study needed on possible role of pot in psychotherapy

The jury is still out on use of cannabis to treat PTSD and anxiety disorders. Read More

Sounds familiar

Seems really similar to using alcohol, to me, in that just having a glass of wine with dinner once or twice a week won't hurt you; its relaxing and may even help with digestion. A little alcohol every once and a while, is fine. (unless you're pregnant; in that case NO alcohol is still a good idea.)

So, a little cannabis every once in a while is similarly relaxing and won't harm you.

The problems arise with both alcohol and pot when the user starts having some every day, then increasing the daily amount.

Too much alcohol too often kills off brain cels (makes you stupid)and wrecks your heart and liver, and pot apparently screws up some portion of the brain chemistry, making long-term frequent users become paranoid.

So, it takes an incredibly mature, astonishingly self-disciplined person to handle partaking in any kind of recreational mood-altering substance, seems to me. And how many of us are incredibly mature (emotionally) and astonishingly self-disciplined? Not a heck of a lot, as far as I can tell.

The bad news about Pot is

The bad news about Pot is that its effect on the body is incredibly complex and it varies from person to person. The good news is that its effect on the body is incredibly complex and it varies from person to person.

Despite the best efforts of society to stamp out its use it is gaining acceptance with the general public

At some point the 'scientists' need to approach the issue differently. This article seems to totally miss the point.

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