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Father Figure

Phil Zimbardo here – With Father’s Day just around the corner, it seemed like a good idea to discuss one of the most important messages a father can pass on to his son: What it is to be a man in our complicated society. Read More

"We might also add that this

"We might also add that this sense of anomie, inadequacy, and pent-up frustration has devastating consequences, as seen in high homicide, rape, abuse and battery statistics. With few exceptions, males, many of whom felt rejected or socially excluded, carried out 98% of the 74 mass shootings that have taken place in schools since Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT, a year and a half ago."

I agree with most of this article, except this part, where you suggest that violent, narcissistic mass murderers are simple victims of society. I'm sorry, but all of us suffer hardship to one degree or another. Not all of us become violent mass murderers.

When life serves up lead, might as well make it hot lead.

As usual, Zimbardo doesn't know the first thing about what he's talking about.

It's called the Hegemonic Masculinity Disorder Epidemic.

The lead balloon of calling on men/boys to "Woman Up!" is a symptom, not the cure.


Fortunately the disease is terminal, and your wretched culture of degenerate european xtian lying thieving killing warmongering commie faggot moron scum is thankfully finished.

Enjoy watching it fail spectacularly.

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