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Why Reliving Your Trauma Only Goes So Far

Reliving trauma—which the PTSD sufferer already does every moment of every day, awake or asleep (without any prodding from a therapist) is painful. It hurts! To go back in time to the bad things we experienced first hand is painful, and the present and future scenarios seem hopeless. It is not surprising that outcomes from traditional PTSD therapy. Read More

Bullying at workplace

I like to add being a victim of bullying at workplace should be added to the list of possible causes of PTSD. I was subject of bullying and harassment 3 years ago. I quit the job and send a complaint letter to head of the organization. The fact that there was no legal consequence for the perpetrators and I became the subject of retaliation even after these years, has created a PTSD symptoms. There hasn't been a single day that I don't feel how badly I was violated, similar to someone who has been sexually raped and yet because of imbalance power between my position and their connections and power,I feel extreme level of helplessness and high level of anxiety. I think law should recognize emotional abuse and violation at work as an illegal act. I also wish Mental health care professionals recognize how serious is bullying across different age group and be more active to protect the rights of victims.

Bullying at workplace

Dear Resheh,

Please forgive the oversight! We agree with you about bullying - both in the workplace and elsewhere - and how it can cause PTSD. In our book, The Time Cure, we have two stories that have to do with bullying. The first is about a woman we call "Eve" who was raped and bullied by the perpetrators, and the second is about a woman we call "Hope" who was bullied in the workplace. Both of these women suffered from PTSD and were helped by Time Perspective Therapy. We hope you will read the book and discover the tools to help you - on a personal level - overcome your PTSD.

We are currently working with a few workplace bullying clients under worker's compensation. These can be some of the toughest cases because frequently the bully is kept on at work while the victim is taken off work! AND the legal system is such that many times the victim is made to feel like the bully for standing up for themselves. It’s not right. To make things worse, fewer and fewer psychologists are willing to take on workers comp cases because of the complicated legal system. We hope in time, as people become more aware of workplace bullying through media (like the stories in The Time Cure) these problems will be addressed appropriately, effectively and quickly.

Dr. Zimbardo has created an organization called The Heroic Imagination Project, in large part to help those being bullied. You can visit his website, to see what he is working on to correct this situation.

All the best to you,

Exposure Therapy

I personally underwent a multi channel exposure therapy (MCET) , an experimental program to help treat symptoms of PTSD in Illinois. It helped a little- but I agree it can only go so far. I am willing to try more routes, as my situation still effects my behavior. Thanks for sharing and to the Doctors involved.

Exposure Therapy

I am curious if the MCET you participated in was through the Veterans Administration...TPT is so new, few therapists are practicing it. However, it is easy to grasp and we developed it so anyone seeking help can work towards improving their lives.

FYI - A research study is being conducted at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii with active-duty military. It is also being taught at Saybrook University in the Bay Area.

Please get a copy of The Time Cure - copies can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon. You'll read about veterans as well as civilians who have been helped by Time Perspective Therapy. Also, please read our other blog columns here at Psychology Today - you may find them of interest.

Wishing you all the best.
Rose Sword

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