The Theater of the Brain

The play of consciousness.

The Secrets of Consciousness

In order to comprehend the workings of human consciousness, we need to understand its biological function, its Darwinian evolution as well as the specific development of each of our brains. Read More

Not sure about this

I think it would be more practical and effective to study consciousness with men and women of wisdom of all races that actually have experimented with consciousness through the traditions and practices of their lineage.

I would think, hey let's find a medicine woman on the Second Mesa in Arizona who spent her entire life experimenting with consciousness as a direct experience. Or a great Rinpoche in Tibet, or a Zulu Sangoma in Africa.

It is unfortunate that in our contemporary world knowledge beats experience. Somehow we believe that consciousness is better learned from people who read about it rather than from people who have the most inner experience with it.

I get what you're saying

Consciousness is more than a play, it's a cloud, a cloud filled with dynamics beyond the perception of the ego.

That's why consciousness requires infinite receptiveness to phenomena; in the absence of such receptivess, the drama of the psyche becomes disencumbered from metaphysical reality.

But our perceptions are colored by societal and religious and familial distortions. This is why Huxley's "doors of perception" require constant cleansing.

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Robert Berezin, M.D., is the author of Psychotherapy of Character. He taught psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School for thirty years.


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