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Addiction and Psychiatry Are Not Diseases

This is my response to a response to my response to a blog about the neuroscience of addiction and the disease question with a fellow a Blogger. Check my initial blog, “Hoffman’s OD, Fallacies of Conventional Neuroscience.” Read More

Addiction and Psychiatry are Not Diseases

What a great cerebral discussion! :-)

What exactly do you mean with respect to,"Psychiatry is not a disease?" Are you referencing the premise that psychiatric disorders are behavioral/character issues and not molecules set in stone?

In other words, while every twisted thought has a twisted molecule, both can be changed?

I think you've got it...

I think you've got it...

addiction and psychiatry are not diseases

Dr. B said: "(The only two psychiatric conditions which have causative brain elements in their make-up are manic-depression and the schizophrenias.)"

Then in your view major depression is a personality trait as opposed to having a causative brain element? If I'm putting it correctly.

That is absolutely correct. I

That is absolutely correct. I detail how that operates - as specific temperament digests abuse and deprivation in my book. When the personality heals, the depression is ameliorated.

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Robert Berezin, M.D., is the author of Psychotherapy of Character. He taught psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School for thirty years.


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