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How Can I Help My Daughter With A Break-Up

Breaking up may be the new normal Read More

Daugher with breakup

I am new to this site and just read a story from Jan about a mother who was trying to help 17 year old daughter with breakup. I am dealing with the same situation except my daughter is 16 and boyfriend is 18. He is a senior and she is a sophomore they got to different schools, my daughter is an exceptional athlete and excells in school she is also very devoted to her church and youth group which is where her and boyfriend met. Her boyfriend works at local grocery store. He just got back from family vacation and was glad to see our daughter and was telling her he loved her and missed her and then he needed to take a break, she also did not see this coming and apparently it involved an older girl that he works with. Trying to be there for our daugther and to help her through this. She is doing a lot of praying and talking to god and I want to make this easier for her and know that Love is not always a bad thing, she is now not wanting to give her heart to anyone as they always leave. Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated.

I will write a column on this

I will write a column on this & will send you link;OK?

Yes that would be great.

Yes that would be great. Thank you!!! Angela

Hi, Hope your daughter is

Hi, Hope your daughter is getting well soon. I am facing the same problem now. My daughter's first love broke up with her and also she could not cope with. I feel sorry for my lovely girl and just do not know what to say and what to do. Barbara Greenberg, If you have any good idea, can you please let me know? many thanks

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