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Should I Break Up With My High School Boyfriend?

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No mo' FOMO

While long distance relationships can be stressful depending on the circumstances, I don't think going the FOMO direction with this is the best call. Yes, college can be a great place to meet new people and do new things, but there also is really only one reason anyone should be there - to study. Shelling out thousands of dollars and months of time just to slide through classes and wonder how many new and interesting boyfriends you can find is a complete waste. What's wrong with at least trying to be faithful and maintain a relationship that is already off the ground? Instead, these girls are considering breaking up with their boyfriends before they even meet anyone new, all because of the possibility that they might. In that case, what's the point in even being in a relationship? Isn't it supposed to be about trust, love and compromise? I think the real question here is where these girls (and many others) got their idea of what a relationship is.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your thoughts,Jimmy. While I agree that the primary purpose of college is to get a quality education I also think that social and emotional growth is important too!

If it was love, they wouldn't consider it

If they were in love with their boyfriends, I don't think they'd be considering breaking up with them. I got the impression that these girls drifted into relationships with these particular boys just because it was the thing to do, rather than out of a deep connection. That's pretty common in high school. Having a boyfriend can be more about status and fitting in than it is about the relationship.

Interesting point, Sybil!

Interesting point, Sybil!

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