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A Nation of Narcissists?

Researchers estimate that one percent of the general population have lifelong Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That's one person in one hundred. And the prevalence of narcissism may be increasing. Read More

Learn to spell lol

Can you even find it?

Good luck with that.

"Narcissists tend to not have intimate relationships."

Jump over to the blogs about children of NPDs. You'll see that A LOT of NPDs get married or into long-term relationships. They pretty much NEED to have victims at home, available 24/7/365. They are usually very good at charming people, pretending to be the perfect mate until they've got them well under their control.

"In group therapy, the goal of someone with NPD is to develop a healthy sense of self within the group and acknowledge other people as separate persons. By repeatedly interacting with people on an intimate level, narcissists are forced to repeatedly see evidence for the humanness of others and himself within a group."

If they can't see their own spouses and children as human beings, what makes you think they'll do any better with complete strangers?

Also, NPDs very often have lots of social interactions, since this is how they feed their ego. They are very often very charming with outsiders to their intimate circle, which is why they don't get detected.

Elliot Rodger was an exception to the usual profile of NPDs. Most of them remain undetected precisely because they know how to look nice and normal. It's in private that their disorder takes its full-blown form. There's a endlessly repeating refrain among children of NPD parents: "In a family with an NPD parent, everyone BUT that NPD parent ends up getting labeled as crazy in one way or another, while the NPD parent keeps being seen as the only sane one." They make everyone else around them crazy, but they look like poor, self-sacrificing, sometimes even harrassed, victims of everyone else.

Elliot Rodger is NOT a poster-boy for classic NPD. If people think that NPD = Elliot Rodger, then it's no wonder they don't recognise NPDs when they see them!

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