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Continuous, Spontaneous Orgasms Throughout The Day

It might seem like having continuous, spontaneous orgasms throughout the day would be fun, but to those with persistant genital arousal disorder (PGAD) it's hellish. For sufferers, continual arousal means, "Being on the edge of an orgasm 24 hours a day, to the point where you can't sleep, you can't function, you can't even think straight – that's not fun." Read More

Check out the product

Check out the product Promescent. It is a product developed by Urologists and is rapidly becoming the treatment embraced by the medical community. It has an absorption technology that penetrates the top layer of skin and desensitizes the nerves in the penis. Promescent has no transference to your partner, allows then men retain sensation, is safe and easy to offers a legitimate medical solution to those with PE or to those who would just like to prolong the experience. They just recently had articles on CNBC and Ask Men - they are the real deal.

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Berit Brogaard is a Professor of Philosophy with joint appointments in Philosophy, Psychology and the Center for Neurodynamics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She directs the St. Louis Synesthesia Lab. more...

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