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Hi, I'm Anna and I have

Hi, I'm Anna and I have synesthesia too. I'm in eighth grade, and I just found out that not everyone has it. It was really weird for me, my friends and I were discussing what music we liked, and I said I didn't like one artist 'cause they were 'way too yellow'. After they all looked at me like I had just fallen out of the sky, I decided to do some research, and found out about synesthesia.

Recently, however, my synesthesia has been sort of coming and going, and it sort of scares me. When it's gone, I have trouble reading, writing, spelling, memorization, playing instruments, etc. I don't know why it's happening, and I can't find anything about it on this magical place called the internet(that can be VERY frustrating at times). If you know anything about this, I'd love some input on it.

(Oh, and btw, I thinks it's awesome you're a scientist. I'm a total nerd, and I love studying the brain!)

Synesthesia can fade.

Thanks for your comment, Anna! Sorry to hear that your synesthesia is fading. We don't know in what percentage of the population it fades, but the fact is that it can. We'd love to hear more about your synesthesia as it changes, over at our lab's website (

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Kristian Marlow is a graduate student at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and a member of the St. Louis Synesthesia Lab.


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