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How to Be an Environmentalist in the Bedroom

When one of my patients mentions a sexual practice I had not heard of previously, I consider it a quirk. When three different people mention the same practice in one week, I consider it a potential fad. Read More

A Poison Ivy World

Eco-Sex? I'm going to repeat it slowly: E-CO SEX? But by committing sexual behavior you are, in effect, advocating traditional means of good ol human loving and sexy babies. Well, not if you have protection, but sex is arguably carbons best friend. It stinks like pollution. Literally. Lol

If I ever meet a girl who is into eco-sex it will be the day I have lived my life. And possibly, regret growing to the club.



Sounds like someone you would

Sounds like someone you would read in the onion personally.


The kind of women who take eco-sex seriously are never going to have sex with a willing male anyway.

This, too?

Just when I thought there was nothing left for environmentalists to take the fun out of, they want to ruin sex, too.

Seriously, the modern environmentalism movement stems from the premise that "people are bad". So, why wouldn't they try to morally sanitize an activity with the potential of creating more (evil) people to ruin the environment with?


That are getting a lot of press lately, it seems that the mere act of getting married is going to eventually produce NO sex between the two people that got married.

No sex, no carbon footprint! Yay for marriage! Do it for the environment!

OK I'm convinced, no more

OK I'm convinced, no more Vaseline for lube, spit only.

And they wonder why people

And they wonder why people struggle to take their concepts seriously? These people really do have too much time on their hands. Perhaps they should simply sh**g in a cornfield after not washing for a month. Problem solved. I on the other hand, will be sticking to non 'eco-sex' (ridiculous term) in an non eco bed with a non eco mattress and non eco sheets. So much more fun.

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