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Attention and The Hemispheres

I am not going to attempt to recapitulate the arguments of The Master and his Emissary here.  Those who are interested in going further into it, can read the book. But let me give some hints at what underlies hemisphere difference.  Read More

Gregory Bateson

Thanks for responding to my post--makes me proud. In 1964 I worked briefly as a clerk in the Lily Institute for the Study of Big Brains (or some such title) located in Coconut Grove, Fla. Dr.John Lily was attempting to decipher the language of dolphins, and he imported Gregory Bateson (according to office gossip) to beef up his scientific creds. So that is how I met Gregory Bateson, who stayed for about a month at the lab before exiting it. I skimmed his papers as I zeroxed them for him, and so learned a little about his ideas, and more by reading his books. I admired Bateson, a first class, original thinker, and a kind person.

You cited him in your book, so I'm guessing that you knew him. His theory of the double bind underlying schizophrenia seems to be out of favor, but I think it has a much wider application in today's world. Your book greatly enlarges my sense of what is going on, and why. Again, my thanks for this gift of wisdom.

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