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Black Friday Shopping: How Stores Use Psychology to Fill Your Cart

You'll see lots of tips and tricks this week for getting the best deals on Black Friday. This is a different kind of list -- the tricks to watch out for. Retailers have an arsenal of evidence-based strategies for making sure you walk out of their stores with far more than you intended to buy. Whenever you start your holiday shopping, see if you can spot these strategies. Read More

Numbers one in for my meet a

Numbers one in for my meet a lot of sales on steam as was his regular specials. Some game will always be on sale on the weekend and for the weekend only. They're also special holiday sales like last month following sale (which saw varies hollowly relevant games on sale). Since Dean is a digital service games are often mocked down very low for example, the aforementioned Halloween sale had both left for dead games for about five dollars. (75% off) during this year's Quake-con all gains from id software (the developer holding the event) and Bethesda Softworks (the publisher that owns id as of this year) were on sale.

Gamers love to complain about games they bought through sales and never played (I'm guilty of this myself).


Where you wrote "squibble" I believe you meant "quibble", but "squabble" tripped you up.

Also, is the comment from 11/20 some spam-bot trying to game SEO ranking?

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