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Are Desires Real?

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Imagining the world around us

Hi Jim.
The New Scientist review of your book Riveted brought me to your interesting site. I recently published a book (Bottleneck) that reveals scientific evidence that in the present moment our internal ideas of reality dominate our perception (based on measuring the remarkably low information rate of learning). So the only difference between desires and a kilo weight is the extent to which we can corroborate our experiences through language. I explore many of the topics covered in your posts, from the basis of information rate in bits per second. Do have a look at if you get a chance.
Incidentally I used to work for Nortel so have many old friends in Ottawa, despite living in the UK. Working on terabit/second technology in optical fibres awaoke my interest in the information rate of human learning. Cheers Richard

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Jim Davies, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Science Imagination Laboratory at Carleton University.


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