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Understanding Anxiety as a Symptom, Not the Problem

People are constantly getting diagnosed with "anxiety." However, anxiety is a symptom, not the problem. If you're suffering from anxiety, how can you find the real problem behind this symptom? Read on for what "feeling anxious" really means. Read More

Yes anxiety can be cause of

Yes anxiety can be cause of so many thing. This article contains so many new things. I was already aware with the some of the symptoms but most of them are quite new.

Understanding anxiety

I don't disagree with the points made, but I believe there is another key cause for anxiety that was not mentioned. That is, (my own opinion) is that looking at anxiety as an indication of maladaptive thinking is useful. I agree that the Limbic brain is concerned with survival and will automatically alert us to any perceived risk, which is then experienced as anxiety. So, what causes us to interpret certain things as "high risk" and other things as "no risk"? I would say that the beliefs that we acquire about what is harmful to us, and also about what is on our side, determine to a large extent whether we perceive something as a threat or as an opportunity, and so the only way of altering that perception is to expose the belief that is faulty so that we can then work to reprogram/replace this with a functional belief. However, the new belief must be consistent with reality, or our limbic mind and also the cortex part of our brain will reject the "positive" new belief, and seek to retain the maladaptive belief. Even so, replacing any establishing maladaptive belief even when we can see that it is necessary is a challenge for anyone. In unearthing wrong beliefs, one good question to ask ourselves is "what must I believe to feel as I feel, or think what I think, or do what I do, (etc) given this situation?"

I guess I have a little

I guess I have a little different point of view, i say why does it matter where the anxiety is rooted in? The important thing is to alleviate it once and for all.

I suffered with chronic anxiety until I was 49. I thought it was rooted in childhood abuse and death of my mother at 2. I spent 30 years in therapy, antidepressants, 12 step programs, EMDR, hypnotherapy and acupuncture. They all provided temporary relief. Then I was diagnosed with ADHD and I tried Neurofeedback. Voila! Anxiety immediately remitted and I have been anxiety free for 2 years!!!

Unbelievable...all those years of suffering and I found freedom with a simple treatment of Neurofeedback.


Yes that's right this disease

Yes that's right this disease can be very dangerous for the people who dont start treatment for it.

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