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Adolescent Depression: Symptoms and Solutions

Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But depression is more serious and it causes problems with daily life. Research has also consistently shown that symptoms of depression are a key risk factor for suicide. However, depression can be treated and even those with the most severe depression, can get better with treatment. Read More

How can WE help people who REFUSE to go in for any kind of help?

What no one ever addresses in ANY of these articles on depression is HOW can we help a family member who REFUSES to go in to see someone or get any kind of help (for years), but who has been terribly depressed for years?

Can you add some comments, or write a follow-up article about this??

And the solution of getting them committed to mental institution is NOT a viable suggestion...what can WE (friends or family members) do to help the person??

helping to remove refusal to seek help

Exactly! By and large nobody addresses this tricky situation! I feel this can be attempted.
Firstly we should somehow gain confidence of the person affected, which is very important and create/ensure a situation of easy conversation, if not confidential. Then seek some answers as why the refusal. We may by and by explain that no one ever be by himself and we owe existence to so many, like parents, teachers, house maid/servants, govt., etc. the list could be endless. And if we can't repay them at least we should be thankful to them. In this situation if we cannot repay, it is not at all in order. A little more help will not harm at all. If everything goes well we can give back to the society manifold!!
Well I understand it is not as easy as looks! But one has to be constantly persevering and CREATIVE , keeping the dialogue on to somehow drive home the need for external help.
I pray for your success!

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