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Could Aging Be Good for Women?

According to popular culture, aging is bad for women.  Research shows, however, that women's psychological strengths increase as they age and lead women not only to survive but thrive in later life. Read More

Thank you

Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema,
I have followed your work for many years. Thank you for this article.
Jann Gumbiner

Body image

What you say squares with what I see in my social circle as well.

For young women, there is such tremendous pressure in terms of this unrealistic, unattainable, oppressive beauty ideal of our time. No natural female body is beautiful by its definition, so every woman is permanently diminished in her self-worth.

As we grow older and ever more removed from this ideal, it paradoxically loses its power over us. We actually grow more comfortable with ourselves as we derive a sense of worth and accomplishment from sources other than "looks", behaviors and achievements that are actually within our control.

Aging is good for women

This article is right on target. Nicely written and true. We know we are superpeople by the time we reach our 50's and that knowing just grows.

Thank you for writing this article and thank you to whomever wrote the comment Body Image.

Ladies let us pass this on to our daughters.

Betty White

Hi Susan,
Your blog fits in perfectly with my entry this week about Betty White--
I hope you'll check it out!
Best, Susan

Aging IS good

What a fabulous, uplifting article! I especially like "Old age is not just about surviving, it's about flourishing".
Thank you!

So true! I love to celebrate

So true! I love to celebrate me at 50! Saying something like "I am beautiful" has taken a long time for me. I can do it now! Now I can unashamedly be me and be proud of myself. Thank you for this article.

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Susan Nolen-Hoeksema was a professor of psychology at Yale University and the author of The Power of Women.


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