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The Choking Game Is Not Just a Movie

The Choking Game is a serious epidemic in today's society. Young adults in particular are engaging in self-strangulation to get a high. They are literally applying pressure to themselves (their main neck arteries) to alleviate the pressure from outside. Lifetime will air the film by the same name on July 26 at 8 P.M. ET/PT. Watch it. It could save your teen's life. Read More

if you want more kids to die

"Watch this movie with them."

Horrible idea. Media glorification of this dangerous practice is only going to make it grow.

This is not about glorification, but education

The film does exactly the opposite of what you say. It is shedding light on a serious subject and showing how dangerous the practice is. It is not about glorification, but education. Not talking about things and suppressing them is what makes them grow.


These media exploited, isolated events are not an epidemic.

Please stop the stupid and ignorant use of the word.

It's a problem worth addressing

This phenomenon is worth addressing. And when 1000s of children are engaging in it, it's an epidemic.

David Carradine as an example.

If the actor who played Cui Chang Cane can die from an
inglourios strangulation death in a closet on his movie
set, anyone can die from this cause.

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